Education in Pakistan

Education in Pakistan Sir: Pakistan is losing its worth as an educated country. “Education is the key to success” is a statement which is always used for delivering a positive future of education for the students. We are living in a country where there is a heavy need for literate people, but unfortunately, many of our youngsters are not gaining proper education due to its heavy expenses. We have two kinds of educational institutes: government and private.

The government institutes are already inferior to private institutions. However, they charge heavy fees which the majority of our population might not be able to afford. Most of the parents prefer to educate their children in private schools, but at the university level, they might choose government universities because their degrees are said to be more worthy in the job market. We have some excellent teachers

in both types of universities, but due to low fee structures, most students will end up in government universities. Sadly, we have not enough government universities and due to this reason they present a limited number of seats for students.

This makes admission in to these universities very competitive and hard, forcing many to choose subpar private universities that are doing it for the sole reason of making money. Private universities admit all students regardless of their grades just to make a quick buck, and parents keep dolling out the money in order to give their children a brighter future.

Right to gain education is also a part of the basic Human Rights promised to every citizen of the state, so why are so many people finding it difficult to attain a quality education at an institution of their own choice. The youth makes up a large population in our country and they are our future. So it is only fair that they are given every opportunity to realize their dreams, starting with education.

We have the people and the desire, now all the government needs is to provide the resources needed to develop this incredible asset of our country. There is an urgent need for government universities, especially for the talented students who want nothing more than to help Pakistan prosper. We don’t need new roads or the green or orange line, we government initiatives that support our young and help them with their future.

Tafsir Al Ahlam