Why do football players wear visor?

Why do football players wear visor?

Why do football players wear visor?

Why do football players wear visor? Football is a very famous game among the youth, we could not deny that adults or old age people also love to watch it or play it. Football is played on the international level, it is a physical game which is played by 2 teams of 11 players each. They use the round or oval ball in this game. A net is also placed on the court at the end corner in which players kick the football for a goal.

As the name of the game speak itself, players can only use their foot while playing football because rules does not permit them to touch the ball with another body part, in case players kick the ball with their hand or any other body part then the goal will not count. During the game many times players met with some injuries like head injury, eye injury or knee injury. Players use the football helmet visor to protect their head or eye when they play or practicing the football game. Today in this blog, we will discuss about the visor and why the players wear the visor.

VISOR- visoris a piece of curved plastic that is attached to players face mask. Visor protects the eyes of the players, you can also check for the reviews regarding the visor from the internet prior buying or you are buying football gloves you must have an eye on Best Football Gloves Review. EYE SHIELD is another name of VISOR. These visors are made from polycarbonate. There are many BENEFITS if players wear visor while they practicing on ground, these benefits are as follows:

  1. EYES PROTECTION– If players wear visor when they are on the court, it protects the players from suffering eye injuries.
  2. HEAD PROTECTION- Football helmet visor also protect the players from head injuries while they playing on the playground. We can say that it is the safety of players, so you should wear the football helmet visor to protect your head.
  3. OPPOSITE TEAM DOESN’T HURT THEM- Sometimes players of opponent team hurt the another team’s player because of the goal or to kick the ball, they would put their fingers through another player’s face mask to try to hurt the opponent team’s players eyes and prevent him or her from seeing properly on the next play. If players use the visors while they playing on the ground then it protects them from any injury and they can play well for their team.
  4. HIDE THE PLAYER’S EYES- Visor can also hide the eyes of the players from their opponent team, so that they do not know from where the ball is coming or from where they kick the ball for a goal. During the match these visors give the many advantages to the players.
  5. REDUCE THE SUN’S GLARE- Another benefit of wearing visor on the ground is that it protects the players from sun. Wearing visor improve the vision of the player during their match. When the ball becomes lost in the sun or overhead lights visor can operate as sun glasses. This allows a player to see properly without the needs of glasses, contact lenses or another corrective lenses when they looking for the ball in the air. It serves the same purpose of eye black. Some of the football helmet visor also increases the color contrast, making vision sharp on the ground.Eventhough, the best knee compression sleeves are the great option for protecting footballers from getting injured.


1.Visors are made from polycarbonate. If the visor broke up then it can create a very hazardous situation. So, you should keep the visor at a very safe place or while practicing you should always be careful.

  1. At the time of raining season water drops would often stay on the surface of the visor which prevent the vision of the players while they playing football.
  2. During the winter season football visor is fogging up due to the fog. Which is the main drawback of the visor because of the fogging up player can’t see properly and he or she can lose his ball or a goal.
  3. Sometimes warm air is trapped inside the visor which can create difficulty for a player.


Visor is a very good sport gear that protects the players from eye injuries. It is acceptable thing that visor have some cons as well but if a player wear it carefully while practicing the football then it protects the players from eye injuries. Every player should wear it when he or she is on court.


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